Basic Information

At the Nov. 8th HOA Board meeting the starting of a Neighborhood Watch program was discussed.

The Timber Banks Neighborhood Watch group is organized through the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department’s program. They have conducted the program since the 1960’s and it has proven to be very successful for keeping a community safe and secure for residents.

All residents are encouraged to enroll. The more participants the higher the effectiveness.

An informational meeting was held on
Thursday, Nov. 16th at 7 pm at the Belgium Cold Springs Fire Department on River Rd

Russell Mitchell, Coordinator of the County Neighborhood Watch Groups for the Sheriff’s Department conducted the meeting and went over the procedures on how the NW operates. A summary of his presentation will be posted on a separate page.

A list of addresses that participate is in the folder NW Participants of TB. A Y in the column titled NW means that address is registered. The lists will be updated as new registrants sign up. In addition to homeowners the YMCA, Golf Course, Restaurant and Developer are all registered as participants.

Registration, questions, and  comments about the Neighborhood Watch is simple and can be done by clicking on this link and sending an email.

For registration all that is needed is send your address to: [email protected]